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Equipment & Software profile

S.D. Land Surveys use conventional, reflectorless and robotic total station theodolites.

Using the latest technology; many surveys can now be completed without the need for road closures. One man 'teams' are available to reduce the costs of the final product.

We also have both 'real time' and 'post processing' GPS capabilities.

Using LSS software from Mcarthy Taylor we can produce computer output for:-

  • Ground models.
  • 3D Visualisations.
  • Fly Throughs.
  • Elevations.
  • Cross Sections.

These are exported in genIO and/or DXF format to upload onto your digital system. Alternatively we can of course generate final framed drawings using AutoCAD software and produce electronic or paper copies up to A0 size at any required scale.

The majority of our internal surveys are also carried out using 'Tape Free' technology in one-man teams. Once again this implementation of new technology tends to lead to a cheaper overall contract price because of the manpower saving it entails.

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